Electrical Contractor

An electrical contractors job is so much more than just running cables. Project management is a huge part of your job, and without the proper organisation in place, your first project may be your last. Keeping a wiring project on schedule is no easy feat. 

You need the cooperation of your clients and other contractors, and you need to be mistake-free on your end. 

And in case that’s not enough pressure, the electrician is often the person everyone looks to for answers and accountability when something is left out, no matter who is responsible.

Whether your next project is a new build or your client is renovating a whole house, do you have a good understanding of ALL of the technology cabling requirements for the project

Future-proof your new home’s connectivity

We will sit down with your client and discuss the technical requirements for their new home in plain English.We produce a written report. 

We plan for satellite and terrestrial TV cabling, multi room sound systems, Wi-Fi and internet distribution, home office, games room and even mobile phone signal throughout your clients entire home. 

We liaise with you right throughout the build project.