Com-Reg Close Down UPC MMDS TV.

UPCs MMDS customers right throughout Ireland will see their TV screens go dark on April 18th 2016. See press release below from UPC/Virgin Media. offer our Free to Air service which has a smilier compliment of TV channels to the now defunct  UPC system. See our channel list here. We can have you up and running in next to no time, call us today. 056 7771900

Press Release

Important news about your TV services

It’s never easy to say goodbye. We’ve loved bringing you TV service, but now we need to give you notice that this service will be closing down from April 18th 2016.


Why is this happening?

MMDS (Multichannel Multipoint Distribution System) is a broadcast TV platform that Virgin Media (then UPC) acquired when it purchased both Chorus (2004) and NTL in 2005. This enabled the provision of TV to customers outside of our cable network.

MMDS is offered in the 2.6Ghz spectrum band and is provided under a 2.6Ghz spectrum licence granted by ComReg (the Commission for Communications Regulation).

From April 18th this licence will expire and this means we’ll no longer be able to bring our MMDS TV service to MMDS customers.