HD Sky pictures in every room!

HD Sky pictures in every room.

Sky pictures distributed to several different rooms are common place with our customers. Up to now we have had no option but to send these pictures to different rooms using old analogue technology. What’s the point in watching Sky TV in analogue when you are paying Sky for a HD subscription?

New on the market, is the Edision Digital Modulator. This unit will convert the HDMI output of your Sky box (or any HDMI output) and transmit HD pictures using plain old coaxial cable. Tune these HD pictures in on any Saorview approved digital TV. This unit doesn’t come cheap, but to think of HD pictures in every room might be tempting for some!

Also a must for new builds, avoid expensive HDMI distribution.

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Triax IO Link

The new Sky+ HD set top box arrived a few months back. Among other features, it has bulit in Wi-Fi for On-Demand services. One thing missing from the new box is a UHF modulator. In simple terms, a UHF modulator allows pictures from your Sky box to be sent to a second TV set. With the new Sky+ box, a modulator can be can be connected externally using an IO Port or IO Link.

There are a couple of different types of IO Link. The type you require will depend on the number of extra TVs you have connected to your Sky box. In some cases an external PSU (power supply unit) is also required.

We install these unit also if required.